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FUELogistics, Inc.


Developed a maintainable site for FUELogistics to explain their new technology.

Fuelogistics needed a new site to explain and promote their new patented harvesting solutions. Fuelogistics have developed new technology for harvesting and purifying the heaviest and most viscous crude oils, but their process was not well known. I was tasked with developing and implementing designs for the new Fuelogistics site. The site is very information-dense with details about the process and patented technologies

Any sales would be very large deals with oil producers, so the site is mainly informational. There were several varied page template designs, so the main challenge was building them in such a way that would allow an administrator at Fuelogistics to make any necessary changes to content or images. The site was developed using HTML, SCSS, PHP, the Laravel MVC framework on the back-end, and Zurb’s Foundation framework on the front-end.